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Caesarea is located on the Mediterranean coast, about midway between Haifa and Tel Aviv. Archeological excavations during the 1950s and 1960s uncovered remains from many periods, in particular, a complex of fortifications of the Crusader city and the Roman theater.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority


The Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) is a governmental body charged with the protection of nature, landscape and heritage in Israel. 

Ralli Museum (Ceasarea) 


Private museum with private collection. The collection is rich. It includes paintings of famous modern and old artists. Permanent and changing exhibitions. One of the galleries is devoted to Salvador Dali. The history of Ceasarea is also depicted in the museum. What is also very interesting – the building itself. Its architecture is original and affecting. It is worth visiting.

Caesarea Golf Club


Established in the 1960s by the Baron de Rothschild Family, the prestigious Caesarea Golf Club is the only international golf club in Israel. The Club offers golfers a wide range of facilities and resources, including a meticulously groomed golf course, a diverse course plan, spacious training ranges, a staff of skilled instructors, a golf academy and school for children, a pro shop with a wide selection of golf and sporting gear, and a gourmet restaurant.

Caesarea Harbor


You are invited on an experience that combines antiquities, galleries, restaurants, cafes and an impressive history. In the past, Caesarea was the magnificent city of King Herod and one of the largest and most important cities in Eretz Israel. Imagine the people walking the Roman streets, the cheering crowds in the majestic theater, the galloping horses in the giant hippodrome. Enter the screening hall and view the display. The Caesarea experience relays the 2000 year history of this glorious city. Note the ruins of Herod's Palace that was built into the sea on a peninsula. Visitors should walk the beautiful boardwalk that overlooks the sea, arrive at the Caesarea Harbor and enjoy the fine restaurants, cafes, galleries and Time-Trek display that takes you on a magical journey through Caesarea's history



Among the abundance of tourist sites that relate the story of ancient Israel is the magnificent story of Caesarea. A visit to the national park and ancient port, a tour of the hippodrome and Roman amphitheater, a walk among the impressive palace ruins cannot be complete without observing the splendor displayed in the Travel Through Time displays that combine to recreate a city being reawakened in front 

Caesarea Aqueduct Beach


You can’t beat this Caesarea beach for its setting among ancient Roman ruins. While sitting on the clean white sand, you’ll marvel at the raised aqueduct built by order of King Herod in the first century BCE and expanded upon 300 years later to bring running water to the old city of Caesarea from the springs of Shummi six miles away at the foot of Mount Carmel.

The Caesar Spa

Surrounded by a flourishing garden and bordering on a eucalyptus grove, far from the hustle, bustle and exhaust fumes of the city, lies a luxurious sanctuary for body and soul. This temple is called the Caesar Spa – an exclusive, intimate, professional, and pampering spa. Just like the pleasure-seeking Roman emperors liked to enjoy.Caesar Spa offers the most complete and comprehensive recreation package possible, all under a single roof.

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